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Paralichthys dentatus

The beginning of Summer marks a change in the fishing on Martha’s Vineyard. Things evolve quickly in the environment, as the days get longer and the temperature goes up. Other species of fish start to arrive, Scup (Porgy), Summer Flounder (Fluke), and Black Sea Bass. Although totally different from each other, they prefer variably the same temperature. When the water temperature is in the 60 degree range these fish begin to filter into Vineyard waters. This tends to occur in the first few weeks in June, with larger fish showing up in July. As the Summer progresses the fishing remains steady and, is a welcome change from fishing for Striped Bass or Bonito. When looking for larger fish on the hot days of August, always look towards the deeper, colder water. Fish can be caught in the harbors and off the Bridges and Jetties in late Summer. As mid Fall and October arrive large fish are still being caught. But when the water temperature drops at the end of the month the fish start to leave.

Summer Flounder are commonly referred to as Fluke around the Island. They are usually found in moving water with a sandy or soft bottom. Fish range from 1lb to 10lbs and are regulated by the State for size and bag limit. These regulations change yearly, so check with a tackle shop. Best time to catch a Doormat Fluke is in the first few weeks of July. Big fish can also be caught later into the early Fall.