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Spring dreams lead to Summer stripers

Date: March 28, 2019

Striper season is almost here in the Northeast. This is a time for oiling reels, stringing new line and sharpening old hooks. A Time of remembrance of fin-tastic fishing days gone by. A time of telling stories about slashing line siders chasing your topwater offerings on the ceiling of the ocean.
Budding trees and the buzzing of bees indicate the change of seasons from winter’s icy grip to a time of plenty that spring offers. As the days warm, a northerly migration has already begun. Schoolies arrive first on our southern shores generally in late April well May. Their shiny, bright and feisty as all hell. Some bearing sea lice as a testament to their journey from warmer southern Waters.
Not long after, the larger Stripers begin to arrive. Most are thin, but ravenous. More than willing 2 gobble you’re offering. Topwater, subsurface, it doesn’t matter. They’re here to eat.
The South Cape and Martha’s Vineyard are kind of like McDonald’s. When you’re hungry and you traveled a long way, you pull over have a hamburger with lots and lots of fries. There is a tremendous amount of bait fish in our back bays at this time of year and keeps stripers busy throughout the season, fattening up for their further migration.  It won’t be long now.
More to follow fish fans, tired of typing and I have to make dinner.